McDonald’s unhealthy for investors?

McDonald’s, the first couple of words that spring to mind? For me, it’s unhealthy, fat and generally bad! But is that the case for the stocks price… YES! (At least in my view.)

I generally think that McDonald’s is going to plummet any minute now in fact. The latest sales report stated that the reason their sales were kept up was due to the all day breakfast! Mcdonald’s at the moment is listed for around $121 and Starbucks which does breakfast nicer and better is listed at around $57! So is Mcdonalds overvalued by 64 dollars… No, this is because McDonald’s have a lot more assets than Starbucks and the revenue for Mcdonalds is 9 billion dollars more but still, Mcdonald’s is overvalued!

To sum it up put a short on McDonld’s and watch your earnings rise!