Top 5 Shorts

Today I’m going to be telling you the top 5 shorts which I believe you should buy. For those of you wondering what the heck is a short, it is when you bet against a stock (hoping it will drop).

1.Bank Of America, Bank of America is going to crumble any year now. It has been slowly falling for years now and in 2016 all markets are expected to fall more than 10% so surely this will hammer Bank Of America. Listed at around $13 this will fall!

2. Pfizer Inc, The pharmaceutical industry in the last couple of years has been something of a dream. Always rising but there is an end to everything but knowing when is when you make money! I think that the end of the mountain is coming around very soon and when it does it will keep on falling and not stop!

3.Coca-Cola Co, the beloved coke is slowly not being as loved due to governments implementing a tax on sugary drink etc. This will evidently have an effect on Coca-Cola and therefore, affect their sales. This will not be good for profit and, therefore, have an effect on the price!

4. Twitter Inc, Twitter is in one of the most competitive markets and new markets in the world. Usually, there are many big containers but not in the social media market. Facebook is the giant owning Instagram adding up to 1.3 billion people using their services whereas the rest of the social media world add up to around 400 million. Surely Twitters stock price has been affected by this and you are right! Soon twitter will drop and when it does everyone will be selling and absolutely no one will be buying!

5. Yahoo Inc, Yahoo is falling and is slowly dying. After all, who says Yahoo it no one! The biggest contender is Google (Google it that’s more like it!) It should be pretty obvious, while the search engine boom happened the search engines were making ridiculous amounts of money. Yahoo was stupid hoping to expand their company, they bought countless companies for stupid sums of money. Unfortunately, none of the companies did well and Yahoo lost it all!

That was my top five losers!



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